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The stages of Helpers Religious Formation

  • Jesus Christ is the source of our life and source of our Joy.
    We seek to be rooted in His love so as to accomplish
    our journey as Helpers.

⦁    Come and See 
⦁    Aspirancy 
⦁    Candidacy
⦁    Postulancy  
⦁    Novitiate  (International Anglophone Novitiate in Nairobi – Kenya)

The main activities of the Formation House (Barasat, West Bengal)


The girls are helped to progress in their spiritual or religious life, as beginners. There, the sisters guide them, so that slowly they may be able to discern freely their personal call. 

If the Helper vocation develops in their hearts, they are given the spiritual and human means to grow as free women, according to the spirit and charisma of the Congregation.
In the Formation time we focus on psychological, spiritual and physical aspects of the girls’ life, thus to help them to gradually integrate the different parts of their identity. 

Formation House Team

We wish to encourage them to follow the footsteps of Jesus who is our friend and master, so that they may fulfil the desire of the Creator, Our Father and Mother.

The attitude of the sisters to trust and respect the young person, recognizing her capability and dignity, aims to encourage each girl to discover her own potential abilities and real possibilities to bring out the best that exists in her.

We do this through different activities which fill the simple daily life of the girls and the sisters who are living together in Barasat:

personal and community prayer, Bible and English study, introduction to Ignatian spirituality and Helper Charisma, sport activities, gardening, singing and dance training, chores and housekeeping, outings, personal interviews with the sister in charge of the formation…

English speaking Novitiate in Kenya, Africa

Novice mistress

Sunita Lakra (Indian Novice)

Since 2020 the Indian Postulants are sent to Kenya (Africa) for their Novitiate.
It is a choice made official at the general chapter 2020: at present the English speaking Postulants from different provinces of our congregation are invited to take the challenge and opportunity to put the first steps in their religious life together, beyond the boundaries of their own culture, language and country. There is another International Novitiate in Paris (France), which is Francophone.

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