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Our mission

The Helpers do not run any institution on their own. 
This is a choice m
ade by our Foundress herself, at the origin of our history.
Thus, we try to reach out the people where they are, where they struggle for their liberation, as our Constitutions say: “We strive to respond – by our presence and by medical, social, educational and pastoral works – to the needs of those who suffer or whose human dignity is injured….. As Helpers, we want to be faithful to the founding intuitions of Mary of Providence and attentive to developing their richness in a creative response to the needs of our times” (Const. art. 13 and 14).
“By our entire life as well as by our words, we desire to help all persons encounter God…. In our choices we give priority to those who are forgotten, those who are wounded in their human dignity and those who are in greatest need of hearing the Good News…” (Const. art. 25 and 29).
The Communion of the saints and the spirituality of st. Ignatius of Loyola urge us to “seek to respond to the most universal and urgent needs” of our times, according to our capacities.
We use to say that we are called to “help in all manner of good”, not focusing on any exclusive apostolic field, but rather allowing ourselves to be challenged by the reality of the world (especially of the poor), which is dynamic and in evolution.
Every sister is called to share her skills and knowledge at the service of the people.
Our religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, and our community life sustain our missions, giving us freedom and support for an effective service “until the end”.
Concretely, we cooperate with Associations, NGOs or any other group which works at the service of the poor, at the local or international level. We may work in public or private centres, services, schools, hospitals….; we are involved in pastoral services in the Dioceses or parishes where our communities are established. 



  • Women empowerment programs

  • Organizing Training and Awareness Programs in the villages and brickfields

  • Prison Ministry

  • Services to the Homeless

  • Legal aid and Human Rights

  • Counselling

  • Etc…


  • Nurses working in Private and Government Hospitals

  • Alternative Medicine

  • Organizing Health and Hygiene Awareness programs


  • Formal and Informal Education

  • Study Houses for underprivileged Girls

  • Vocational Trainings (Tailoring, Computer, Music…)

  • Teaching Children with Special Needs


  • Faith formation in the parishes 

  • Youth animation  

  • Family visit/ oldage home  

  • Participation in Parish Councils 


  • Giving Retreats

  • Formation in Ignatian Spirituality

  • Youth accompaniment

Our Together Moment

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