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Two members of the “Helpers of the Holy Souls in Purgatory”, Sr. Rajani Prava Lakra and Sr. Sasmita Ekka, made their final vows in the Congregation during a solemn Eucharistic celebration on Saturday, 3 rd of October 2020, at our Barasat Community Residence. Archbishop Thomas D’Souza of the Archdiocese of Kolkata was the main celebrant and gave an inspiring homily on letting our hearts seek and listen to the voice of the Spirit that is calling us, inspiring us and Inviting us to be at His service and to do the will of God.


Moreover, he exhorted the sisters to be united with Him in prayer, in our work and in our community life in order to reach out to the people around us, especially those who are in need. Sr. Lucia Cima, the provincial superior of Group China- India, delegate of superior general Sr. Gudrun Bhole, received the vows. Respecting the lockdown restrictions because
of the pandemic, social distancing and wearing of masks were well maintained by the congregation until the end of the ceremony. Some of the family members of the professed sisters were present for the celebration along with three

priests and oursisters from Kolkata and Bolpur communities. Our sisters from the Novitiate community in Kenya joined us for the celebration through Skype.There was a felicitation program soon after the Mass which added more joy into the hearts ofeveryone. It was followed by a fellowship meal which was shared with our guests, some of ourneighbors and fellow workers.

The family members of Srs. Rajani and Sasmita and our young
formees made the day even more joyful through their dancing and singing in the evening. The
day ended with a thanksgiving prayer to our Lord.

Sr. Sangeeta S. A

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 During the Pandemic since Jan 2020, we have to join mass not in churches but through online. Thanks be to God that our churches still open daily for us to pray.

In the beginning of October, our churches have gone back to normal but only accommodate 50 % of people due to Restriction order. Many of us are so eager to receive the Holy Communion. 

On Oct 31,2020, Friends of Hope had held the memorial mass at Saint Francis of Assisi's Catholic Church. It is one of the biggest Parish in Hong Kong. 

We had more than 500 members attended the mass. As usual, we start with praying five decades of Rosary for all the Holy souls. Sister Agatha Lin had invited Jesuit Fr. John Joseph Cheung and Fr. Paul Tam to say the mass. We also had a lovely choir with more than 20 people to sing and praise our Lord. This year, we have 17 new members to join our group from different parishes. Happy to see that more and more new force to join our group and they are around 40-60 years old. Up to 2020, we have

around 4,000  members in Hong Kong. Sister Agatha Lin mentioned that she is the only sister of the Society of the Helpers in Hong Kong. She also reminds us to pray hard for the relief of the suffering souls in purgatory especially in November. As Fr. John Joseph Cheung said to us during the homily, “We shall keep reminding ourselves that we shall make the right choice which is to live in the Love of God by serving others with LOVE. There is no distinction between you, me or him in God. We

pray for our loved ones but also for souls we don’t know. Praying for Holy souls in purgatory is one way to serve others with LOVE. We need to start purify ourselves and let go of worldly things. “

Let’s be united to help each other by praying for each other. As our name “Friends of Hope”, we have Hope since we have God in us. 

Lily Ko
Hong Kong

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